Sunday, September 27, 2009


One method to keep your hands off the credit cards is to switch to using only cash or checks (or a debit card) for all of your purchases for a year.This forces you get in touch with your money again. Without plastic, you are forced to carefully consider each purchase that you make and verify that you do in fact have enough money for that purchase before you make it.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Do not destroy your credit cards, but instead freeze them in a block of ice. Just pour a small pan about a third full of water and freeze it. Then toss your credit cards on top of the ice and pour some water, then freeze it again. Your cards will be frozen in the middle of that cube, inaccessible unless there is a real emergency; any time you think about getting them, you will have a long time to consider it as you melt or break the ice.

  • Remove your credit card numbers from any online sites you use regularly. If you use credit card for billing on some merchant websites, remove your credit card number, if you must, replace it with a debit card number instead so the money comes straight from your checking account.

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